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He felt a powerful force enter his body. It should have been pain, but it was something he ignored and made go away. He felt only the sword in his hands and the stone beneath his feet, and the strain across his body as he pulled. “Do what you want,” Arthur told Excalibur as another crack shot through the Heartstone. “But one way or another, you are coming with me.”

Pax Morgana, Ch. 8

“Massive skyscrapers glided in the gentle breeze, monolithic kites in the sky. Thousands of float cars soared and fought their way through hundreds of street levels. A teeming, decaying metropolis drifted out from the edge of a continent and over a vast, cyan sea.”

Warhead, Ch. 1

“The demon flicked the little cross away distastefully and watched it bounce off the pew. Then the eyes turned to Maria and it said, “I can see what Ara saw in you. I know he has hidden your soul, but this close I can still see it. Just a bit of it.”

Succumbing to Gravity, Ch. 28

Jacob wrenched the blade right, then left. The man’s screams of agony split the silence, and with those shrieks all of the other shrieks, screeches, and the roar of fire returned. The knife then went up and down two more times, piercing the man’s eyes, and the screams ceased. Jacob looked down at the body, at the blood on his hands, and wiped that blood on his face. Power surged through him and he was immortal, omnipotent. He lifted his hands to the sky and said, “I understand!”

Broken Gods Ch. 2

Author Profile: Bill Coffin

A longtime fan favorite of the tabletop role-playing game industry, Bill Coffin has turned to his novel-writing roots and is delivering the epic action and adventure he is known for.

Aside from his creative work, Bill is a veteran business journalist whose work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Financier Worldwide, New European Economy, Captive Review, Best’s Review, and Risk Management. Bill is currently the editor in chief of National Underwriter Life & Health.

He is also a well-known writer and designer of role-playing games, with over a dozen titles for the Palladium Role-Playing system, including fan favorites such as The Western Empire, Century Station and Systems Failure. He is also the author of the space opera RPG Septimus, published by West End Games.

Bill lives in Oakhurst, New Jersey with his wife Allison and their two children.

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Pax Morgana

Pax Arcadia

Pax Britannia


Author Profile: Ricardo Delgado

Ricardo Delgado is best known as the creator of the dinosaur comic book series Age of Reptiles, published all over the world by Dark Horse Comics.

He has also worked as a concept or storyboard artist on such films as Men in Black, the Matrix sequels, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Eagle Eye. He has contributed to such animated projects as How to Train Your Dragon, Sym-Biotic Titan, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Incredibles and Wall-E.

Ricardo teaches at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife Frances, and his children Rebecca and Ricky.

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Author Profile: Richard Farnsworth

Richard Farnsworth is an Apache AH-64 gunship pilot with the United States Army, which easily makes him the most lethal writer in Reliquary’s author lineup.

Apart from his military career, Richard is a bourgeoning new writer whose first novel, Succumbing to Gravity is just a sneek peak at other creative projects to come. He is currently working on an as-yet untitled novel involving a very unique and original take on the subject of lycanthropy.

Richard lives in Norfolk, Virginia.

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Succumbing to Gravity


Author Profile: Jason Vey

Jason Vey has been writing stories as long as he can remember, from superheroes to swords and sorcery to space ships to Gothic horror. Telling tales that evoke emotion in other people is his passion. He is an avid tabletop gamer and began playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in 1979 at the tender age of five.  He has actually understood role playing games since the age of seven or eight. He has published several books and made contributions in the gaming industry for publishers such as Palladium Books, Eden Studios, Misfit Studios and Troll Lord Games. Fiction, however, is his true love and he always has several ideas waiting for development. 

Jason is a lover of science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies, enjoys eclectic tastes in music from show tunes to country western and heavy metal, but 80's metal tops the list.  He has celebrated his 29th birthday several times over, and lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Julie and their crazy cats, Seamus and Finnegan.  He maintains an irregular blog at . He spends too much time on facebook, reading blogs, and at his day job is as an administrative assistant and purchasing/facilities manager, though he does not consider that his career and is currently enrolled in a graduate program of library and information science in hopes of one day corrupting (or, rather, helping to educate) the minds of America's youth. 

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Broken Gods


Author Profile: Jeffery Scott Sims

Jeffery Scott Sims, a degreed anthropologist and author of dozens of short stories published in magazines and anthologies, makes his home in Arizona, a region he has explored and photographed for several years, and which forms the backdrop for many of his sinister tales.  As writer and reader he prefers the spooky and the fantastic, his favorite genre authors, and greatest influences, being H.P. Lovecraft, R.E. Howard, C.A. Smith, M.R. James, and E.R. Eddison.  

He is the creator of the serial characters Professor Vorchek, modern investigator of strange mysteries, and of course Jacob Bleek, cunning sorcerer of a dark, antique era.  His recent sales include

"The Old Camera", "The Crags of the Schwartzenburg",

"A Curious Incident At the Office", "The Love of Jacob Bleek", "A Detour to Skull Valley", "The God In the Machine", "The Mystery of the Inner Basin Lodge", "The House On Anderson Mesa",

"Captain Ironfang's Island", and "Sedona".

    Full information on his writings and publications, and a growing collection of essays devoted to the weird tale, may be found at the author's literary web site:

Reliquary Novels

The Journey of Jacob Bleek


The breeze grew chillier, mounting in intensity. It rushed and swirled around Bleek as he finished his incantation and stood motionless before the silent graves, and it flapped his cloak about his legs. Then the wind died; it stopped of a sudden, as if driven away from the scene by a new and con- trary power, and then the expectant mage discerned the first hints of motion. Something stirred in that solitude, pale va- pors which streamed from the mounds and coiled above them, coalescing slowly.

The Journey of Jacob Bleek Ch. 1

Author Profile: Joe Pace

Joe Pace is a writer of science fiction, historical fiction, and short stories.  He studied political science and history at the University of New Hampshire, and his writing reflects his ongoing academic and practical interest in both. 

A professional development officer in the independent school world, Joe has also served in elective office, taught American history, and worked in business banking.  His eclectic interests range from pro football to comic books to ballroom dancing to making the perfect hand-rolled meatball.

As a storyteller, he seeks to weave classic science fiction with political intrigue full of memorable characters in the tradition of Isaac Asimov, Piers Anthony, George R.R. Martin, and Star Trek.

Joe was born and raised in seacoast New Hampshire and still considers it home, even as he wanders about the country with his wife, Sarah, and their two sons, Bobby and Xavier.

Minotaur is his debut novel.

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“Though cavernous, the hallway was too small for Cadmus.  His mind expanded to fill it, to consume the ship, to swell beyond its frail manmade walls and envelop the nothingness beyond.  The teeming thousands on board the vessel and on the rock below gibbered in a meaningless cacophony, thoughts so petty and useless and utterly small that he shunted them away, ignored them as the barking of dogs.”

Minotaur, Pt.3, Ch.1

“I don’t think you’re a demon. But I don’t know what you are. By the look of the armor you must have been some knight’s lady. But what happened to him? Sores like these don’t form overnight. If he’s still alive, he obviously doesn’t deserve a lady like you. So how about it? Will you be my lady?” He paused at the sound of his own words. Milady.

The Goddess Choice, Ch. 6

Author Profile: Jamie Marchant

From early childhood, Jamie has been immersed in books. Her mother, an avid reader, read to her, and her older sister filled her head with fairy tales. Taking into consideration her love for literature and the challenges of supporting herself as a writer, she pursued a Ph.D. in American literature, which she received in 1998. She started teaching writing and literature at Auburn University. But in doing so, she put her true passion on the backburner and neglected her muse. Then one day, in the midst of writing a piece of literary criticism, she realized that what she wanted to be doing was writing fantasy novels. Her muse thus revived, she began the book that was to become The Goddess’s Choice. The second volume in the series, The Soul Stone, is soon to be released.

She lives in Auburn, Alabama, with her husband, son, and four cats, which (or so she’s been told) officially makes her a cat lady. She still teaches writing and literature at Auburn University. Her short fiction has been published in Bards & Sages, The World of Myth, A Writer’s Haven, and and has been included in the anthology, Urban Fantasy.

Reliquary Novels

The Goddess’s Choice


Joe was badly hurt but still managed to react to his son’s screams. He was close enough and had a clean shot. He emptied both barrels into the monster. The force of the blast from such close range blew off one of its legs and, more importantly, made it release his son.

The Pack, Ch. 5

Author Profile: Paul Hinton

Paul Hinton is a fifty year old Golf Professional working in England where he lives with his wife Jenny and his three daughters Sara, Samantha and Shannon. He started writing as a hobby to fill his time during the long snow filled winters while working in Germany but soon discovered a passion for story telling which has since developed into a second career.

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The Pack