Reliquary Press


Submission Procedure

We are currently looking for work in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror genres.

We are currently not looking for Vampire stories unless it’s something extremely unique. 

60,000 words minimum, 80,000 or more strongly encouraged.

Please submit your manuscript or query either by email or hard copy. 


    hard copy: mail the printed submission to Reliquary Press - 11099 Houze Road Suite 102, Roswell, GA 30076

All hard copies become the property of Reliquary Press unless you send a SASE for return.

When sending a proposal try to sell the project on the strength of a single high-concept sentence or two. Authors do not need to tell of their qualifications; their writing will do that for them. Stories published by Reliquary should make readers feel strongly about the characters and their outcome. They should bring the reader to worlds they will not want to leave. And they should tell stories that pull the reader in.

Query letters should be no longer than a single page, and must include the author's full contact information.

Reliquary encourages the submission of unsolicited manuscripts. Please format all manuscripts to 12 point Times, single-spaced, single-sided with .75" margins on all sides. All manuscripts must have the name of the project, the name of the author and the page number on the header of each page, on the right-hand corner.

Details on royalties:

  1. 1. 50% net.  This means after printing expenses you receive 50% of what is left over in profit.

  2. 2.  10% cover price.  You receive 10% of the cover price of the book.

Selecting the 50% net royalty option gives you a larger portion of profits in the long run, but the book needs to make back its production expenses first. Since the author is assuming more risk here, the royalties are larger.

Selecting the 10% cover price royalty option means the publisher assumes more risk on the cost of the project, but guarantees the author royalties, albeit at a lower rate.